The Challenge:

Multi Generation Network


The Solution:

Intelligence for all Networks

At a Glance

Being independent of protocols, ConverCom's Carrier Service Factory CSF supplies IN services for all network generations. Optimize your network and fulfill all your customer’s requirements for Value Added Services with our flexible and mighty routing and media tools. Video:
ConverCom AG Converging Communications

 Converging Communications.

New IP standards are established increasingly. Nevertheless SS7 still has a wide usage and won't be replaced completely within the next years. Meanwhile there is a coexistence of legacy systems with NG-IN and IMS in the Multi Generation Network.

Not only new technology, but also the young subscribers call for new solutions. Beside traditional Value Added Services, innovative options such as Multi Channel  and Smartphone Apps become trendy.






The Multi Generation Network with the Carrier Service Factory CSF

Regardless of your network environment and of your strategy: We integrate our proven and protocol-independent carrier solutions economically and promising according to your current and future requirements.


or NG-IN for hybrid Networks with SS7 und SIP

or as an IMS SIP Application Server (SIP-Proxy or B2BUA)  


For an efficient and smooth Migration we offer tools and support.


For the Link between the Technology Generations, we apply the building blocks from Dialogic®, e.g. the IMG1010 Gateways and HMP Host Media Processing for MRF Media Resources Functionality.



The Innovative Solutions of the Carrier Service Factory for Value Added Services and Cost Optimization

The Multi Channel environment in the Intelligent Network provides innovative and economic inbound and outbound services via phone, fax, email, SMS and video. Speech Automation ensures caller convenience and efficiency.

Carrier Service Factory Overview (PDF)


With the CSF Service Creation Environment for IN Routing and Media, the network operator and its resellers manage, create, test and deploy any customized Value Added Services.
Our solution is open for integration with your customer interfaces and for white labeling: 

CSF Tools for Value Added Services (PDF)


Cost-saving services for Local, Mobile & Service Number Portability can be implemented on the same CSF platform:
CSF Number Portability (PDF)


Do you have individual needs and ideas for solutions? We implement them effectively. Our strength lies in customized communication solutions for all areas in the carrier network, for example

·     Net-Announcements and Net-ACD with multitenant cloud administration via WEB interface

·     SmartPhone Apps e.g. for statistics-queries

·     Service Creation for mobile subscribers via Smartphone Apps or Web Services


Communications with
DSS1 * SS7 * IP

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