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The CSF at a Glance

At a Glance

The Carrier Service Factory CSF is a digital production facility for network operators and service providers. It makes the creation of customized Value Added Services and the implementation of economic Network Optimization easy and efficient.

 Converging Communications.

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Here you will find the summary of the advantages of the Carrier Service Factory. 




Carrier-Grade IN Platform for the Multi Generation Network

The highly available and freely scalable platform with protocol independent architecture supports SS7, IP or mixed operation.


Platform for Universal Services

Yield-enhancing Value Added Services and cost-cutting Net Optimization Services are available on the same platform according to your requirements. This leads to minimization of investments, maintenance costs and training expenses.

Innovative Value Added Services for Your Competitive Advantage:
Create customized Services with IN routing and fully integrated media resources with multichannel (Fax, E-Mail, SMS, Video) and speech processing (ASR, TTS).

Net Optimization Services for Your Profit Enhancement:
Number Portability enables subscribers to keep their existing phone number in the case of changing their provider.
Your own number portability service is more cost-effective than the outsourcing.
ConverCom’s Number Portability (Mobile, Local & Service) is independent of the brand of your switch and quickly implemented.
With In-Memory Table for up to 100 million entries and access time < 1 ms



Customized Solutions for Your Company

*  Whitelabeling- and reseller-enabled WUI

  Our WUI can be integrated with your web portal

  Our DB-Interfaces are open

  Additional customized solutions for all areas in the carrier network


Communications with
DSS1 * SS7 * IP

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